Quaint, Unique or Funny: Relevant Birthday Wishes Are the Best!

funny birthday wishesBirthday wishes should be personal. There should be an element of personalization. You cannot just pick any random wish and certainly not one that is common. Such birthday wishes would not be funny. They would lack the emotions and will appear to be hollow. Instead of using overused funny birthday wishes, you should stick to just happy birthday or many happy returns of the day. If you have to use birthday wishes or you want to make a birthday meme, then you must come up with something original.

Not everyone is a Wordsworth but a little inspiration can go a long way. Take some of these birthday wishes for example: “I looked for the most precious gift for you but you already have me”, “As you grow a year older, you aren’t getting smarter or wiser, you are just getting older”; “Rejoice on your special day, you are getting close to senior discounts” or “Wow! You are becoming more handsome /beautiful by the day. I am told flattery is the best gift for old people”.

You may want to use these funny birthday wishes verbatim, as they are, or you can come up with your own variations. There is truly no limit to how and what you can tweak in traditional messages and contemporary birthday wishes. The truth is, the best birthday wishes are those that are heavily personalized. There are some experiences or incidents that only you and your friends know of or perhaps only the birthday boy/girl and you know. Use those as references, explore your memories and find something nostalgic or truly funny and relevant. Make a birthday meme or just toy with the shared history to come up with funny birthday wishes.

You can pen a poem or a song. It can be funny, cool or heartfelt and it can also be a complete composition, with music and performance. Don’t try to perfect the rhyming couplets or the meter of every line, don’t worry about alliteration or assonance and any other literary element. Just pen down whatever you want for your friend, family member or colleague and then revise it to have the desired flavours.

You can use a hobby or any passion that the birthday boy or girl may have and use the same for a birthday meme. There are ample ways to spice things up with a bit of help from sarcasm, satire or just traditional leg pulling.